north carolina curlies!!

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i'm in need of some help. does anyone know of any really really good curly stylists in north carolina (i'm in fayetteville)? i've looked at some reviews on the curlsalons thing, but i can't really find anyone. i've had my hair cut before by people who claim to be good with curly hair and it ends up looking terrible. i think my mom is ready to drive anywhere as long as i can get a good curly cut, and i'm going up to raleigh to shop for school clothes in about two weeks so if anyone knows of anyone in raleigh... okay i'll stop rambling now!! thanks in advance! :D:D:D
3b/3a, verrry thick; third try at CG(:
hg summer routine 8)
co-wash- suave naturals coconut; rinse-out- generic value products matrix biolage conditioning balm; leave-in- MOP leave in conditioner; style- HESMU gel on humid days, fantasia ic gel on other days, followed by BRHG


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