getting a new hair cut....any suggestions??

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heyy yal. my name is shaina. my hair is really hard to work with. it sometimes has a mind of its own. its curly on the top and wavy n heavy on the bottom. it doesnt curl up like it should. the last time i got a hair cut the lady messd up on my hair so now its all over the place. im going to get one soon but i dont want that same repeat. any suggestions??
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    Just do long layers, it's simple and looks pretty. My hair is kinda like you said yours is. In fact, the hair on the nape on my neck is wavy almost straight, and I believe even thicker. You know, more than a year ago I cut my hair below the chin with no layers, and it didn't do the triangle shape, just went down, like wavy hair, but the curls defined just fine, so yeah, mind of it's own, unpredictable curls.
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