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BabyNobleBabyNoble Posts: 5Registered Users
Hey this is my first day to the naturallycurly website. I love the site and I'm a little overwhelmed. And i definitely have questions if anyone can help me. First off, I think I have a 3B or C hair type but I'm not sure. and does anyone have any tips on how I should part my hair? When I do it on the side I have one big side and the other side is super flat.. not so cute. It's taken me forever just to get my hair to curl decently but I would really love to have pretty curls. If you have any advice, send it my way. Anything is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! :)

(I enclosed a pic so you can decide the type of curl you think i might have)
3B (I think)
Newbie to CG! ;-)


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    love your hair! It reminds me of my own :)
    judging by the picture you might have 3b - but I can't really tell. I've never been good at the whole curl catagorization thing!! Welcome! I'm new too and it is a little overwhelming!
  • BabyNobleBabyNoble Posts: 5Registered Users
    You have very gorgeous hair, I wish mine was long :(

    well if you have any tips or anything they'd be greatly appreciated cause I have no idea how to style my hair!
    3B (I think)
    Newbie to CG! ;-)
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    what are you doing currently? i just had my last sulfate shampoo about a week ago. my hair seems so much softer with all of the conditioner washes that I've done. I'm currently using the Deva line of products but I don't LOVE them... at least not yet. My hair seems too soft. I guess it's going to take a while to figure out what I need to use. I've always used silicones - until now. I am trying to find an easy style product that gives me the same results as silicone based products - i'm a scrunch and go kinda girl. - my hair loves gel :) i'm thinking of making some flax seed gel and seeing how that works for me :) your curls look great so whatever you're doing seems to be working!! as far as part goes, i just sort of part it to one side and help add body to the other side - you could always clip your hair at the root while it's drying to help add body :)
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    If your hair seems too soft, you might need some protein. You can get this from almost anything, including stuff in your kitchen. Milk, yogurt, eggs... all kinds of stuff... I have recipes posted on the site where the curl wiki is in my signature.
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    Welcome to the forums. You could also check your shampoos, conditioners and other products to see if they have sulfates or cones. A great article to read is this:

    I wish you the best.
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