How long do deva products last?

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i was just wondering how long you find the deva products last before you have to buy more. i want to see if it's worth the price to buy deva products.
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    when i used the conditioner & shampoo, i bought the 32 oz online at for $27.97 each. and free shipping $40 and above. i thought it was decent. and, they ship it out right away, so you receive the products quickly -- for me, was 2 days!!!
    i now only use the deva styling products, and they last a long time -- angell, [buylink=]arc angell[/buylink], set it free. i use more set it free in summer, so i use it up a little more quickly, but still worth it.
    it's not cheap, nor is it the most expensive. for me, buying it online at those prices made it affordable.
    (now i use nature's gate conditioner (aloe vera) that i buy at wholefoods for $6.99 for 18 oz, and that is really a good price, and i love the conditioner -- i leave a lot in, and it's very close to the old one condition and my hair is once again happy!)

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