Need help putting together a natural routine!

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edited to say: if you are looking at my profile pic or my fotki... my hair sadly looks NOTHING like that anymore, Im so serious NOTHING like it

Ok, I'm starting all over with my hair. It (and my skin) has been a mess for a while and I think I have finally gotten to the bottom of it (for the most part). I'm biracial, 3b hair (I think its very porous from what I am reading about porosity... which is new to me!)

I have very sensitive skin/scalp. I *think* silicones and many "moisturizing" ingredients cause me to break out around the hairline, back and chest - although I have been unable to pinpoint exactly which ones. (A dermatologist told me to stop using hair products, and stp using facial moisturizers - LOL!?). It seems to be the more chemical-sounding the ingredients the more angry my skin is, but of course my hair looks great, and vice versa - products that don't bother my skin do almost nothing for my hair. *Sigh* So i figure I am going to try all natural - and be really committed about it... I've tried everything else!

There's a lot of things I am planning to do, but I need some help as well. Here's the initial game plan:

1. Get a chlorine shower filter - no idea which one is best.... I have not had a filter/water softener for about 6 years (which is about how long I have been doing the curly thing, instead of washing 2x/wk and straightening...back when my hair looked nice), and it COMPLETELY coincides with the continuous, downward spiral of my hair!!! (i suspect that drinking the water has had a negative effect as well - so I started using a Brita more recently).

2. Dump all of my current products & start form scratch, so im not tempted to revert... (only things I will keep are my Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Raw Honey, and the new "Baby hair gel" that I bought from Original Sprout - in hopes that if a baby can handle it so can I!)

3. Purchase the following products:
a. Apple Cider Vinegar (is there a specific kind?)
b. Liquid Honey (I already have raw kind & I have agave nectar too)
c. Extra Light Olive Oil
d. Distilled water + spray bottle
e. Baking Soda
f. Botticelli Botanicals Flax Gelee (bc I am too lazy to try and make my own/figure that out)

What else do i need??????? My hair needs things with LOTS and LOTS of slip/detangling.

4. What i also need help with are my shampoo, conditioner/leave-in and a styler (CG has never worked well for me)

For my skin - I'm a little lost there as well... I plan to use a real mild, fragrance-free glycerine soap, which has been seeming to work more recently. And I might try the light olive oil for moisture... All of my moisturizers and SPF seem to give me troubles too - most contain 'cones... which might be an issue for me - not sure.

THANK YOU for reading - an if you have any thoughts, ideas.... Let me know!!!!!!!
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    There are some great natural lines: Curl Junkie, Komaza, Kinky Curly, Donna Marie, to name a few.

    I have roseaca and very allergic skin. I use all of these with no problem--and I've been allergic to a lot of the more popular products: CK, Shea M LI, Biotera, etc.
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    I have pretty sensitive skin as well. I'm not highly allergic to things, but enough to be irritated and annoyed..... just because I don't break out doesn't mean the feeling of a million ants biting me at once doesn't bother me. :) The chlorine in the water sometimes makes me itch all over after a shower, but not always. I have to use homemade soap (glycerin is good too). The chemicals get me.... fragrances and preservatives mostly.

    I use Nature's Gate with good results. I really love their botanical line of shampoos and conditioners, though it's hard to find in stores. I also use aloe vera gel to style my hair.
    Totally natural stuff I use:
    shea butter - immediately after final rinse for leave-in/styler (only the tiniest bit), and for lotion... amazing for legs and feet! I have to be careful not to get it on my nose though, it creates the never-ending itch.
    rhassoul clay - hair and scalp deep cleansing/exfoliating treatment, facial masque, foot scrub (with sea salt and a few other things), etc.
    apple cider vinegar - about 1 tbsp in a glass of cool water for final rinse
    honey - mixed with conditioner or in acv rinse, in DT mixtures, facial cleanser
    avocado - my new favorite DT
    sweet almond oil - facial cleanser/moisturizer
    rose water - facial toner
    mineral makeup - look for the ones that are purely minerals with no additives

    Hope that helps you some!

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