No one understands the thickness of my hair... help styling my new short curly hair?

tastetherainbow012tastetherainbow012 Registered Users Posts: 5
My hair, when it was long, naturally looked like this

Now that it's short, it looks like this

I feel like there's absolutely nothing I can do to my hair. I can't straighten it at all, it's too thick. Whenever any of my friends try and straighten my hair, they get through about half of it 2 hours later, and just give up. The only thing i can do is put it up in a bun or leave it naturally down, but it's very thick and big and kind of like an afro. I need some tips from people with what to do with my hair.
Any help?


  • Lil'curlsLil'curls Registered Users Posts: 275
    I feel for you with the friend trying to straighten my hair. They always say something along the lines of "I straighten my hair everyday, so I can do it really quickly. It only takes me 20 minutes." They're always thoroughly surprised when it takes them forever.

    I think it looks really pretty down, but if you need variety, you could try braiding it, pulling it half up and leaving half down, etc.

    There are a few threads in the teen section that have some styling ideas that you might want to check out as well.
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  • thickcurlygurlythickcurlygurly Registered Users Posts: 230
    try playing with how you part your hair and your hair is like totally amazing it looks great down.
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  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Registered Users Posts: 214
    Have you ever gotten it thinned? I would get it thinned A LOT! It helps so much.
  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Registered Users Posts: 214
    The only reason I say a lot is because I got my hair thinned a little and I still have a lot of hair, but less than I did before. And my hair is less thick than yours.
  • amaraamara Registered Users Posts: 26
    your hair is beautiful!! i see nothing wrong with it at all. but if you feel you need something done, try going to a curl specialist-- that's what i'm doing.
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  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Registered Users Posts: 214
    Your hair is GORGEOUS, thought. Don't feel the need to change it. :color:
  • tastetherainbow012tastetherainbow012 Registered Users Posts: 5
    thanks, although it is frustrating, I do love my curls (:

    What I do now is when I get out of the shower, I put CurlySexyHair creme in it and scrunch it, and then put Catwalk Curls Rock! and scrunch it some more. Then I take each individual curl, twist it, and hold them for a minute.

    Now my hair looks controlled and a TON less frizzy, the curls are almost spirals.

    Thanks for all the advice! Now I love to wear my hair down
  • ElithiaElithia Registered Users Posts: 297
    The last time I let my friends straighten my hair was about a year and a half ago, when it was eight inches shorter. It took them two hours! :D After that I had an excuse to say no. ;)
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