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Hi everybody!

I am transitioning out of chemically processed (relaxed) hair. I got my first one when I was around 9 or 10, and now, at 23 I have consciously ceased the harmful habit. I am ready to embrace my hair how it grows, and you can bet it doesn't grow straight, so relaxers and the companies that make them can kick rocks cuz my hair is too through with them!!

I stumbled on this website after reading up on natural hair via hair blogs. This community seems like it is a great atmosphere of support and encouragement for those of us with non-straight hair.

I just graduated with my degree in Elem. Education, hence my user name, lol.

Great to be here, thanks NC community!!
Wish I could change this username. :tongue6:. My fotki.


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    Welcome, we are soo happppy to have you. This is a great place, a lot of conversations happening. Definitely a great support structure as well, people just like you that share similar experiences....Have fun!

    Congratulations on your teaching degree....that is awesome. Being a teacher must be so rewarding, your definitely impacting our future generation...good luck!


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