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instant and cheap solutions

redkurlsredkurls Posts: 2Registered Users
im just posting to say i think ive found an effective and inexpensive solution to many frizz problems. i started out ith really dry hiar, so for a month i wetted my hair and applied lots of super drud natural cocnut oil which is only £1.50 for a huge pot. i then wrappe dmy hiar in a towl and let it be for an hour. i then shampooed it out and brushed through my hair. i then applied lots of wella vivality conditioner and left it on for about 2 mins. after that i patted my hair dry slightly, but i did not brush it or comb through it. i simply ran my hands throuh it and applied some john freida frizz ease styling gel to it, coating each strand. its important that u dont brush oyur hair as this breaks it up. i the dried my ahir upside down with a diffuser but i didnt touch it. after 10 mins i shook my hiar free and the frizzes were gone. this method really works, and oce your hair is in good condition, u cna apply the coconut oil once a month. however when exposed to moisture my hair still frizzes and i was looking for a moisture barier product, ne suggestions?
*3a/b/c[depending on the weather]
*just below shoulder length
*shampoo free since 15/07/02


  • lotzakurllotzakurl Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hey there Hippiechick (love your moniker...I am one too...!) I haven't tried it yet but I found a Redken product called Airtight Lockout Spray that I am going to try as soon as it gets here (I ordered it as I found a discounted site - saving me about $5 on a can of it). it comes in 3-4 different "strengths" - either light, firm, or really firm. The one I am getting is middle firmness because I am trying really hard to find stuff for my hair that makes it soft and not so doggone stiff and crunchy. My hair is also 3b - very kinky, and quite long. I find the longer the better for management. Though, takes a lot of product. I live in a dry climate (today is very humid - 61% as it has been raining for most of the last 2-3 days). But, getting ready to venture to the east coast (I am in USA) to visit my son who is in the Army and it is always VERY humid there, in the southeast coastal zone. Anyway, I am planning on trying everything I can get my hands on and I will let you know if I come across anything that works even reasonably well. humidity is the one thing that gets us kinky gals in a dither, isn't it??? I grew up in a humid climate but haven't been anywhere like that in over 30 years. My mother always kept it short as a youngster because I would scream and cry every time she combed my hair. Now I swear you could drag me by my hair and I would sleep through it. One tough-headed missy now!

    I appreciate your post about the coconut oil. I am going to give that a try as soon as I can!!! And I love the smell of it too.

    I made a note to let you know if I find something to conquor (or at least put up a reasonable fight) the humidity battle... Good luck to you! icon_biggrin.gif
  • redkurlsredkurls Posts: 2Registered Users
    hey lotzacurl icon_smile.gif thanx for the post, i am very happy to say that i think i have found a product that does wonders with moisture. yesterday for the first time i tried putting john frieda frizz ease moisture barier ahirspray on my hair when wet, and voila! it worked icon_smile.gif i cnat sya nething for heavy humidity really, but it rained, well, drizzled here a lot today and my ahir did not frizz, so i am pretty happy icon_smile.gif tho thanx for the future suggestions, being a product junkie and a teenager i am still intereste din any new 'wonder' products i cna get my hands on! icon_smile.gif
    *3a/b/c[depending on the weather]
    *just below shoulder length
    *shampoo free since 15/07/02

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