My hair hates aloe vera gel - what are the alternatives?

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Hi all,
Does anyone else have this problem?

I'm a 3c, 4a/b with 2c underneath - very multitextured and weird hair and it hates aloe vera gel, which i have been using to use to emphasise curls, style and supposedly moisturise, but it just makes my hair dry and crunchy!

I bought some AO MM becasue of the rave reviews in the US forums, but it just did not work for ma at all, its mostly aloe vera.

Anyway, looking for alternatives, don't want to use just plain water want something more nourishing.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

passionately natural,

hair type - kinks, curls, coils, riglets and waves with dry ends
pre-cleanse deep condish - own blend rhassoul mix
no poo, co wash - AO HR
seal in moisture - tamanu oil (my hair loves this oil, expensive but fabulous,fabulos, fabulous)
moisturise - Cioccolatina morigna pommade
dry ends - my own honeyoil blend
style - it was aloe vera, but not anymore!
hair type - definately 4a

wash - any baby shampoo

conditioning styler - homemade blend with shea, coconut, avocado mango, plam, castor, almond and essential oils

Hair pics

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