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Greetings my fellow curl sisters!
I am so thankful I found this site. I am a 3A-3B depending on the weather and climate. I hated my curls when I was growing up. I actually paied to have my hair straightened twice. My mother who is a 3B told me that I would eventually appreciate the curls that God gave me, and that most people pay $$ for. She was right I have learned to love my curls. .. . I just do not like the FRIZZ! Do you ever feel like Frankenstiens Bride :x ? Oh man... This summer has not been nice :shock: . I have enjoyed and am extremely thankful for the tips on this site! Well, I look forward to blogging with the rest of you :lol:

to curl or not to curl that is the ? :)


  • jeamariajeamaria Registered Users Posts: 1,851
    Welcome, Shaz! :D
  • yonsteryonster Registered Users Posts: 1
    Great to have you here.

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