ONO Curl Remover... what should I do?

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So I generally have 3a hair, but it is VERY resistant to straightening (goes back to normal in just a few minutes!) I used to have normally curly, easy-to-straighten hair, but then I have this thing where I pull out my hair (trichotillomania.. its awful.) Anyway, it grew back in SUPER curly where I had pulled it, and ever since then I have had problems straightening it at all!

I tried ONO Curl Remover in Normal formula at the beginning of this month, thinking that I hadn't used a chemical straightener before and didn't want damage. It straightened part of my hair, but not the curliest part-- so now its kind of frizzyflatwavy on one side, and curly all over the top and right side! (The straightener messed up my curl pattern too, so it doesn't look even and smooth.) Barnacles! :roll: So now I'm wondering, should I try the resistant formula? My hair really isn't that coarse (I'm caucasian,) but it is pretty thick and just seems to go back to ringlets and kinks and waaay too much volume after the first five minutes. Or would there be a better option for the type of hair I have?

Also, if I do use the Resistant formula, should I wait or do it sooner? I last straightened it on July 5th, but I don't know what to do since it wasn't really effective. :sad8:

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