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Morning all, my name is Tatyana. I found this forum serching the web for WEN reviews. Wow, so much info, I am totally overwhelmed, but I love the site. I was up one late night and came across an infomercial on WEN. So I order it. I have been CO for almost 3 weeks and so far I like it. While reading about WEN, I found HairOne, so I am alternating between the two. My hair seems to like it, I think I am a 3b with some 3a here and there (will take some pics when my hair dries). I am having a hard time finding styling gel w/out cones in it...any suggestions? I just ordered several products from Jessicurl, can't wait to try them. I have several questions, but I think I will post them on the main forum.
I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here.


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    welcome Tatyana :) glad that you found us!! i can't wait to see pics and I really want to hear how you like the jessicurl products - i've never tried any!!!
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    Hello Tatyana. It's great to meet you. Two suggestions for CG styling gels are:
    1) Theraneem Leaf & Aloe Gel -

    2) Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel -

    Do enjoy yourself here. Have fun!
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