Anyone use Phytomer skin care?

NutkinNutkin Posts: 352Registered Users
Just wondering if it was worth the price. I had a facial recently and was told that I have sensitive skin. I had no idea, I just thought I had blotchy skin due to genetics. I certainly don't have any discomfort or feel like it's irritated.

I purchased a mask, cleanser and soothing serum. I dropped a lot of money for this stuff and still didn't get the moisturiser at $92 a jar.


  • pizazzpizazz Posts: 239Registered Users
    YES! I have been using Phytomer for over 1 year now. I use the Vegetal Peel and the Purfying Mask. This line is great for sensative skin!
  • NutkinNutkin Posts: 352Registered Users
    It's been a week now and so far I think the redness has toned down plus the rough patch on my forehead is completely gone!

    I'll keep using it but I still don't know if I can justify spending $92 on the cream.

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