Probs with KCKT/KCCC?

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This combo MIGHT be a HG for the front and sides of my hair, but it's making one nasty mess in the back! The back of my hair is a little more coarsely textured, almost 3b back there. I cannot have SDH with this stuff, although it looks pretty darned good on the first day - and I NEED SDH. I've been using the mysteryflavored method with BRHG, but somehow the back always turns out poorly defined and frizzy. Anyone else experience this? Any tips?

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    I actually have the same experience. I wonder if you posted this on the general board if we could get more answers. It's only the top half of my back that's so undefined. Also, I definitely need advice on SDH.
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    [buylink=]kCCC[/buylink] hair never lasts more than a few hours on me; then it swells and loses definition.

    Its just not worth it; it takes longer to dry than it looks good!:sad1:
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    Oh man I have the same issue in the back! I wonder if there's some sort of trick to it...
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