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Okay im ready to take the plunge and try the CG routine. I hate my hair with a passion I always have done and if there was one thing I could change about myself it would be just that.
I would say reading the hair types im between a 3c and a 4 as in at times it can be really really frizzy. Ive never been able to do anything with it curly and it wont straighten.
Ive done three days now no poo with tresemme which is my regular conditioner just to see if it showed a change which it hasnt and realise I need to change to the right type of conditioner.
The problem is this is probably the worst time to try it money wise as due to personal circumstances there is very little to go around especially not for hair products.
Can someone advise a relatively cheap UK product please for co washing and conditioning/leave in and do these products need to be different? I usually get best results products wise with gel and I believe Shockwaves is okay to use with full CG?
At the moment the ends of my hair are terrible as I have blonde highlights in but my hair is a miserable colour without highlights in. I am trying to persevere and go for a good cut shortly but my hair always tends to grow out and not down. Will it still be okay to highlight? Also is there any tips for encouraging the hair to get past a certain length. I use to love my hair in my teens when it was really long the curl was for once great but I had it all cut off and since then its never seemed to grow back past neck lenghth no matter what I try!
Thank you in advance for any help.


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    Hi, I don't know what's available in the UK. Do you have a Sally's? They have good products at good prices. I am a frugal CG. Everything I use is from there. I hope somone can help you:toothy9:. At least my post will bump you up and someone will see it and help!

    Remeber before you start CG you need to do a final wash with sulfate shampoo so all the 'cones are gone. Make sure your conditioner doesn't have any 'cones in it. You can use the same product to co-wash, rinse out and leave in...I sometimes do.

    I think treating it gently and switching to CG will help your hair. You might want to try a deep treatment. I like to use a thick conditioner on freshly co-washed hair, cover with a plastic cap and then cover with a turban towel. Leave it on for as long as possible, I like over night.

    I wish you lots of luck.

    3a, med texture, normal porosity
    poo: one 'n only shiny silver (occasionally)
    co-wash/rinse out: assorted V05 "flavors"
    leave-in/dt: gvp cb
    stylers: ecostyler, bioterra curl cream, salon care aloe vera gel
    hair loves: plopping, clipping & diffusing


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