Hairdresser in Perth, WA?

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hi, I feel guilty posting so many threads but does anyone know if their is any hairdressers in perth that can cut curly hair well? all the salons I've seen have big pictures on the walls of poker straight hair. should I pick a hairdresser and ask if they do curly hair? I'm looking at some reviews right now but can't really find anything
thanks xoxo
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    I would also love to know if anyone knows of one. Perth, Western Australia. We have blonde specialists and a gazillion keratin straightening and extention specialists. But curly hair? Isn't that just something you create after straightening using a different GHD technique and sea salt spray?? :thumbdown:

    If anyone is aware of one, please post!
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    Try Jenni at Aoki Hair :)
  • laurajaylaurajay Posts: 1Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    I went to Jenni at Aoki recently and I wasn't overly thrilled with her to be honest. 

    I do only have wavy hair though and was having a bad curl day when I went and I don't really think she knew what to do with sort of curly hair. You might have a better experience if you've got curlier hair though

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