hey people :]

sojessicaxx3sojessicaxx3 Posts: 6Registered Users
hey i just joined the site about... three mins ago and im just look around tili found this and i though it was cool so i wanted to post a message :]

fyi;; gots type 3b hair :] && i loveeee it


  • sojessicaxx3sojessicaxx3 Posts: 6Registered Users
    ahh idk what i did but it said to click the quick reply button so i did... i honeslty have no clue with what im doingg lol
  • vagueparadoxvagueparadox Posts: 8Registered Users
    I thought I'd say hi because I'm new too :)

    (Haha I read your second post and it took me a couple minutes to figure out HOW to quick reply, so you learned faster than I did!)
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Hello, 4a here..loving it too ;)
  • sojessicaxx3sojessicaxx3 Posts: 6Registered Users
    ahaha seriouly? i just clicked random buttons until one of them did something to whatever the "quick reply" was
    which now i know what it is hahah
  • Dani176Dani176 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi everyone! this looks like a great place to chat, find ideas and inspiration for curly locks of all types. I am a mixed chick (Dominican & Italian) Any suggestions on stying products for 3A/3B type?