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Hello everyone
I have been fighting my curls all of my life and not sure what they are like naturally anymore but I now want to give it a shot.

I have been blowdrying it straight all of my life and I am almost 50. I have never really experimented with leaving it curly. When I was younger it was much thicker and curlier.

Now it is hard to determine what type it is because it is chemically and heat treated.

I do know that it looks like a mess if I do not blow dry it...especially the crown. It is curlier when short - I am now letting it grow long....I still have layers but it is now just beneath my shoulders, with my fringe/crown just below my nose

It is coloured and highlighted and the condition is actually much better lately...I do intend to continue the colour/highlighting as I have found a method now that works for me (my hair colour is now caramel and I love it)....I usually air dry mostly and then put in large rollers and then blow dry straight and then put rollers in again for body and to smooth out - it looks shinier when I do this

I use mostly all natural organic non sls products, also use coconut oil/milk, honey, essential oils, hemp oil, evvo, cider vinegar, aloe, and just yesterday started Aubrey White Camelia conditioner. I occassionaly use protein but not sure how much I need?

I still have to blow dry the crown and fringe as that is where it is curliest but i am tyring to let the rest dry is somewhat frizzy, not a lot of definition or body. It is not thick but not too thin....sometimes feels flyaway sometimes puffy.

anyway at almost 50 this is a huge transition for me but I am hoping with the right routine I can get it to work and look healthier and shinier

Ideally I would love it to grow 2-3 more inches as long as it does not get too thin

I am hoping that by not blowdrying the bottom, it will get thicker and healthier and then eventually soften out without losing body

I am tempted to put in the rollers.....transitioning is tough

my guess is that I am naturally a 3b but right now it probably looks more like a 2b/3a with product...when I was young it was closer to 4 probably....I am Italian descent

please provide any advice or tips that would help me and let me know if there is any other info that would help me get soft glossy healthy curls

thanks so much in advance


  • LingLingLingLing Posts: 2Registered Users
    oh and I am guessing too that my hair is medium in texture and thin in density....although may look thicker because of frizz and poofiness...the longer it gets the less curly it is

    I am hoping to find the perfect solution as a leave in or touch up to add gloss, body and control frizz without weighing hair down

    I have not tried no-poo co-wash yet.. one step at a time

    since my hair is colour treated I am wondering if I still need shampoo to keep it looking fresh....if I go long without shampoo it looks dull

    anyone else out there with similar hair??

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