do deva products weigh down hair

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so i've been doing CG for a little while and i just started using deva products and it seems like it weighs down my hair i only use the no poo and one condition because i don't like the smell of angell. i also use set it free but that stuff gives me a bad case of the frizzes


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    This doesn't really answer your question. There are those who like Deva and a lot who don't. If you aren't happy, there are tons of quality lines to try that are really terrific--Curl Junkie, Komaza, Donna Marie, Kinky Curly, to name a few.
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    Hi Becca, I found that if I use no poo that I don't need the one condition. If your hair is healthy there are great conditioning properties in the no poo it may be enough for your hair. Try it for a week or ten days without one c, see if it is less flat. Also if you want a gel that doesn't smell, try the Gel(just gel, that's all it's called LOL) from Frizzoff/ Curly hair solutions, they make curlkeeper too and I think they have an ad on the home page of the forum, it is clean rinsing and it has no strong smell at all and kills the frizz for me.

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