Newbie ... few questions.

Morning curly ladies,

Newbie to the board here. My name's Michelle and I've spent most of my 27 years of life battling my frizz! I grew my curls really long and then, a few years back, I chopped it all off and straightened it on a daily basis. Needless to say it has ruined my curls and I'm trying to regain control. I've just had baby number two and am ready to get back to being me .... curly me! I've been trying to curl my hair but the front layers and ends are refusing to curl - damn GHD's!

So last night was the start of CG method (hoping it works quick as have 2 weddings in August). I done my last sulfate wash, then used Original Source Tea Tree Conditoner, then boots Naked Rescue deep conditioner. Cold rinse. More Original SOurce on the ends. Boots Curl Creme and Gel on dripping wet and then wrapped in an old T Shirt overnight. I have to say, after years and years of trying different things I'm well impressed on day 1! The only way I've ever had defined curls is with tons of product to make it crispy - yet today they are defined (but a tad frizzy).

Here's my questions:

1) I suffer quite bad dandruff - how do I live without my head and shoulders?

2) Is it going get frizzier or just improve? I have a wedding next weekend!

3) I know I'm not supposed to play with it too much but I can still tie it up loosely? Clip bits up? Plait it?

Thank you in advance.

P.S. My other half is taking the mickey out of me for joining a forum for curly hair!! :-(


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    Congrats on the baby and also on trying CG! And welcome to the forum :)

    About the dandruff... Are you sure it's dandruff? From my experience, I thought I had dandruff for about 12 years and used Head and Shoulders every other day religiously with absolutely no improvement. Within a week of beginning CG and cowashing all my "dandruff" was gone! It was simply dry skin that was being made worse by the shampoo! Check out this thread and the links therein for more info on that:

    As for frizzy, everyones hair reacts differently to going CG so I'm not sure I can say what will happen! And I always clip my bangs up after I plop and it's still wet so they dry out of my face that way. I would say very light styling is ok while still wet/damp, especially if you have a purpose such as making it dry a certain way.
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    Hiya, and thanks for your congrats. I'm a very happy yummy Mummy!

    Pretty sure it's dandruff because I get the same flaky skin on my eyebrows and nose (delightful). Luckily I can control these areas with some HC45 cream. I will, however, see what happens following CG. Thanks for the link tho.

    It's a good idea - clipping your bangs back so they dry out of your face. I think I'll do the same.

    Day 2 and all is going well :-)
  • lindaqlindaq Posts: 4Registered Users

    P.S. My other half is taking the mickey out of me for joining a forum for curly hair!! :-(

    Had to laugh at this - my husband thinks it's hilarious too! :laughing1:

    I just started my CG regime today. I'm sure I've bought all the wrong products and probably did stuff in the wrong order, but my hair actually does look better already!
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