Found her again!

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Years ago, when I first moved to Calgary, I found a fabulous stylist that I loved. She always gave me a great cut and had lots of good tips and advice. A few years later, times were tight and I had to cut back on spending so I started getting cheap cuts (which I hated) When I got a new job and could afford her again, I couldn't find her! She had moved on to another salon, and I couldn't track her down.

Fast forward almost ten years. I was remembering the good hair cuts and decided to try googling her. Sure enough I found her! I messaged her on Facebook and she remembers me! She even remembers my hair type and characteristics. She's a senior stylist at a salon that uses a cone/sulfate free line of products! (Schwarzkopf Essensity) She's trained in cutting curly hair several different ways, including dry, and we're going to discuss various options when I go to see her. Could this get any better? I can't wait! It's been soooooo long since I had a good cut!
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    Hi, I live in Calgary and I'm on the hunt for a good curl-friendly stylist. What is your stylist's name and what salon is she at?

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