Hair Loss! help please.

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So I just started the CG method last Thursday. Trashed all of my old things and bought, Vo5, Suave, Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac, LA Looks Gel, Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray, & CJCCC is on the way.

I've experienced Hair loss before with my old hair products (Pantene, Garnier, etc ..) But when I showered today i noticed even more loss! it's actually kind of scary. Is this just because I'm transitioning into the no-poo and sulfate free method? and will it go away?

If you have any advice on co washing or anything, please let me know.


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    I'm kinda in the same boat. Yesterday was my third time doing a Twist-n-Curl on my hair. In the shower, while I was detangling, I noticed more hair coming out than before. To be fair- I left my last T-n-C in for 9 days and maybe that was too long and it got all tangled. I slept with my hair in the pineapple and a satin bonnet. And I did retwist it for the first 2 days. Trial and Error- I suppose. Any advice?
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    I lost a TON of hair when I went CG. I kind of assumed it was because of the CO washing.

    I had read that people who start CG get Yuck-head for a while. I was determined not to, so I always made sure I thoroughly massaged my scalp when I CO washed. It was either that, or the fact that I went CG in the beginning of the summer, a time when my hormones tend to flip flop.

    Ironically enough, I used Bars all winter; when I started co washing again in the early summer - yup, lots of hair loss again. And I STILL have no idea if its the increased scalp massage or the season.

    I realize this doesnt help much, but, assuming your health is fine, I wouldnt worry and its not the first time I've heard this from a new curly.
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    I too am experincing the same. I went CG in march and kind had to stop since after I bought the BIG bottle of deva curls, my curls have gone to dry brittle hair. obviously, the drier the hair and brittle the more breakage and loss you'll have. I have experimented with products and concoctions and nothing has really worked. I actually tried the vinegar rinse and it did help cleanse my scalp as well as dandruff. I really didnt see much difference as far as dryness and frizziness. I am a t a loss, I have no idea what to do next. I am kind of regretting going CG - I dont know, maybe I am just frustrated I am saying this but I didnt' have these issues before.
    My hair is like a scarescrow.. ugh! sorry, I had to vent.. its frustrating after trying so many products..
    I am trying the vinegar again.. UGH!
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  • ItsveeItsvee Posts: 9Registered Users
    To rudeechick thanks, that actually made me feel better (although it didn't solve the problem) at least I know I'm not the only one whose experienced this.

    & to followmesky It's okay to vent, vent away! But yeah, I understand your frustration. I think my hair loss is because of too much protein and not enough moisture!
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    I too went through a shedding phase when I first started the cg method. I was worried as well, it stopped by the 2nd week. I also got a lot of itching right at first but that also went away If I recall I started massaging my scalp gently for 3 minutes while in the shower with conditioner in and that helped.

    Good luck to all of you who are new keep researching don't give up you will find what works for you.
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    Most people who go CG don't touch their hair much except when detangling in the shower - and thus that's when the vast majority of their shedding is done. If you go from brushing your hair several times a day to only combing in the shower, you will notice more hair coming out in the shower than usual, especially if you go several days between washes. This is pretty normal and nothing to worry about unless your hair is blatantly thinning. (Again, no more hair is necessarily falling out than normal - your perception of it has because you're actually seeing more of it than normal).

    I also have a pet theory that silicones help to glue brittle hair together, and that once you stop using them, the breakable bits are more likely to break, and so you do notice a short-term rise in shedding while those bits that were going to break anyway do. I have no idea how sound that is, but given that silicones kind of 'coat' your hair, it makes a little sense to me. In any case, it shouldn't be a worry unless you suddenly lose a huge amount or notice thinning or bald spots.
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  • ItsveeItsvee Posts: 9Registered Users
    thanks, i feel a lot better :)
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    I know that when I first started going CG, I lost huge amounts of hair in the shower. Now its down to a few strands at a time.
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    Don't give up on CG. We all actually loose 100s of hairs a day if we brush daily. When I was pre CG I would lose several hundreds of hair when I washed my hair because I only washed my hair once a week and rarely brushed my hair at any other time. Since going CG the amount of hair I've lost has decreased to where now it is only a handful everytime I co-wash. The healthier your hair and scalp become, I believe the less hair you will lose (though hair loss is normal). During the transition you may lose a lot as your hair and scalp become healthier.

    followmesky I also use devacurl with no problem. What hair texture do you have? And what is your daily hair care routine (product names included).
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    I've been mod-CG since this past June. I still lose a lot of hair when I oil my scalp and then when I shampoo. It varies though, some weeks it's not too bad but some weeks it's just horrendous. Some of it is sheddage but most of it is breakage!

    I definitely have scalp issues so I know that doesn't help. But it is definitely very scary when you lost what seems to be a very large amount of hair. I've even got photos of all the hair that came out in the shower and the next day.
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