A Haircut, A Worry

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I'm new here, so please bear with me!

I'm a 3b with 3c tendencies (i am VERY multi-racial - black, native american, lots of european...). My hair is about shoulder length when curly, but it's actually fairly long...anyway, i'm thinking about cutting my hair shorter, possibly shorter in the back, and longer toward my face. Not only do I worry this won't look good, but i'm afraid that my curls will frizz out and my hair will look HUGE. If i want to cut my hair this short, how do I maintain it so my curls stay shiny, pretty ringlets instead of a frizzy mess?


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    I have an inverted bob. Started out a little about shoulder length--but have been chin length for about a year. My cautions would be--find a great stylist who cuts hair well, get lots of layering and keep it moisturized. It's all in the products and technique.

    If you are keeping your hair fairly long, it shouldn't be all that different then it is now. If you go about it gradually, you can see what length you and your hair can handle. If you live in an area where the dewpoints are really high right now--it's going to behave differently during other times of the year.
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