just bought the cg book

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I was on this site for hours early this morning when I couldn't sleep. I found it completely by accident.

After seeing many of the awesome pics from the members I decided I had to go out and buy the book. Well, I get to the check out counter with CG book in hand and my curly hair pulled into a tight, tight, tight ponytail making my hair look poker straight, and the cashier says, "you don't have curly hair". But she was nice about it. I just laughed and said, "you have no idea".

I probably don't even know how curly it really is. So I'm going to ease myself into the "program". I stopped off at Starbucks, got my caramel light frap and devoured the book. Luckily for me there's a health food store in the same shopping center so I strolled on down with book in hand and bought an aloe based no sulfate poo and some organic lavender oil. I can't wait to spritz that in my hair. Then I popped off to Target and bought some Tresemme conditioner and some more clips. So I think I'm off to a good start.

Just one question though, I work outside and have to pull my hair back or I will pass out from the sweat and heat. Can anyone recommend something other than what the book says about pulling hair back? They all look a little to high maintenance for me.

Thanks and wish me luck. You are all such inspirations.

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" - from a t-shirt my brother gave me years ago. I loved it!

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    Hi Buffie,

    I have to keep my hair up at work, but I have fairly strict rules about it since I'm military.

    But, since it's been hot lately, I like to put it up on my off days sometimes too. I got the book "Strictly Curls" from the Curl Mart section of this website.

    There are plenty of ideas with how-tos and pictures. I like most of them, and can even pull of being able to do quite a few of them. I'm not sure of your length, but the book seems geared towards those with mainly shoulder length and longer hair. Some of them look more dressy, but other can work less dressy or more "practical" applications.
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    Most Tressemme products are not CG-friendly. The only one I ever saw was the Tressemme 4-4 condish available at Sally's.

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