Thinking of pooing - Need support

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I am now 6 months poo free but I'm finding my hair gets oily way faster than it used to. At first I thought this was good because it meant my hair wasn't horribly dry and frizzy...but now I'm considering washing with a mild poo. I normally lemon rinse about once a month, which makes my hair feel good for about 2 days. Maybe I should just lemon rinse more often? I'm a 2b/c. Any suggestions?

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    what they said
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    I'm afraid I can't be much help. I poo a few times a month to keep my scalp in good shape, and because it doesn't dry my hair out much. I've never been hard-core cg.
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    I've noticed that I was possibly overconditioning my scalp area so I backed off. Now I don't co-wash my hair every day. Some days I will just rinse and gently scrub my scalp with water and then condition my hair about an inch or 2 from the scalp. Hope this helps!
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    I've actually found the opposite. My hair doesn't get nearly as greasy as it did when I shampooed every day. I think it may have been that my scalp was overcompensating for the extreme dryness by producing too much oil, and now that it's properly conditioned, it doesn't need to produce as much. I only ever use shampoo if I'm straightening my hair (which is nearly never) or if i get something really yucky in my hair, and the lack of shampoo is not yet posing any real problem.
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    I found that a sulfate-free shampoo once in a while works just fine- it's just a hair routine! No need to feel guilty. :)

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