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I have been transition since January 9, 2009. I am still trying to find a way to style my natural hair since cutting the relaxed end on May 26, 2009. I am having problems with moisturizing my hair. I have started with leave-in conditioners and following up with natural oils but still have a few dry spots. I have tightly coiled hair but I am loving my texture despite the frizzies :dontknow:. I have been trying to order Qhemet products since it been widely suggested on a number of sites but this stuff is really hard to get. The site is always sold out and I can't find it in the local store here in Brooklyn. If there is anyone out there that has the product and it really wasn't for you I'd love give it a try.


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    i dnt have the product but i wanted to give u advice on dry hair(like mine). U might want to try the CG METHOD just look it up on youtube and youll get lots of info on it or even search this site. Also cowashing helps.Two things tht help me alot are Deep conditioning with lustrasilk Olive and Cholesterol Condtioner and baggying my ends at night..Good luck
    CG..yep that's me!