Water Only vs CG?

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I've been modified CG for over 2 years, yet I notice little to no change in my hair from when I used sulphates, silicones, etc.

I've attempted to go full CG several times, but after a few weeks I give up. I find co-washing makes the greasiness significantly worse and leaves my scalp and hair on top feeling even more gross than before I washed it.

I have recently read about the water only method and have been considering giving it a try, but I'm not sure. I cannot co-wash, but I'm not sure if just water will be enough.

I really like the idea of using mostly (if not completely) only natural ingredients instead of commercial hair products. Since it's so hard to find products that don't have ingredients that my hair hates.
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    I don't know much about water washing but I did remember seeing this thread. Maybe it will help you.

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