great devacut in Chicago IL

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I had my hair cut by Kristin at Salon O 65 in the Gold Coast area near Michigan & Oak. The devacut is usually $100 but right now they have a 50% off coupon on their website ( for first time clients! I was so happy with my cut I felt like I was ripping them off by using a coupon (even though I coinstarred my heavy bag of pennies to pay for the cut...)

Anyway I had a great experience. When I came in I didn't have much wave (my waves are kind of lame on co-wash days, and yesterday I didn't use any product). So she had my hair washed, dried, & styled before cutting so she could see the curls better. She asked me questions about my previous hairstyle & my thin spots, how I normally style my hair, so she gave me a cut that I could definitely work with (I told her I was really lazy about styling & I only air dry because our blow dryer is She was detailed in explaining why she was cutting it the way she did. I'm growing out a short shag so I still had some very short layers on top which she blended in while keeping the length in the long layers which are shoulder-length. She said that the short layers would probably take a few more months to grow long enough to totally even out. She did all CG techniques & had the CurlyGirl book on the coffee table.

I'll post a pic sometime later tonight (I have to go to work now!). Since my hair isn't as curly/wavy as many of the folks here I feel like it won't impress much, but I'm very happy with my experience.
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    Awesome! Can't wait to see your pics. My in-laws live in the western suburbs, and I try to get my hair cut when we visit.
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