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Newbie here looking forward to communicate with all.I have to admit I don't know if I fully belong here,my hair isn't exactly curly it's quite nappy and full but not as curly as I wish it was,it's been through a lot since little I've done perms,extensions,heat damage.
Lately this past years been taking care of it more,although my last perm was on May 28 09,I'm looking forward to STOP doing perms that's IF I can achieve curly hair.
I'm IN love with curly hair, that's why I'm here to achieve curly hair,I get them a bit with gel,but i don't want to get the habit of wetting and gel daily.

Anyways,hello to all!
much love

(sorry,if i didn't stop myself I almost wrote an essay..could of kept going lol )


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    Welcome! We are so happy you are here.....
    Definitely some great information in the discussion board. Also, if you need product help, email our product guru CurlySuzy at she is a great resource.

    Good luck and yeay to no more perms :)