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Hello friends!

All of my life I've had fine, limp, straight hair. Oh, how I used to long for big, luscious curls. I'd pine for tight, bouncy ringlets. My curly-haired friends would complain about how much work their hair took. I'd silently swear that if I could just get a little wave, I'd baby my hair.

At the age of 27, my hair began to grow in wavy. For years I was half straight, half wavy. And now at 32, I am half wavy, half curly (sort of). My curls are georgous and clumpy when they are wet. But by the end of the day, my hair is somewhere between wavy and straight. It's still fine and limp. With frizz. Not very attractive.

I just bought the "Curly Girl" book, and cannot wait for it to arrive. I desperatly hope it will help my schizophrenic hair. I look like an anemic medusa!

Beaumont, Tx dewpoint averaging 75 this week!
cg since 7/20/09
2a (I think), low to medium porosity (I think), fine (extremely)
co-wash: Suave Coconut
condish: same. I'm gonna try it without the leave-in
honey rinses seem to help, but my frizz is insane, & my tangles are relentless! Protein helps, though!
Taking Hairtopia vitamins

gel on wet hair, plop for 5 - 15 minutes. Haven't figured a routine out yet. Sigh....



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    Welcome! We are so happy you are here.....
    Definitely some great information in the discussion board pertaining specifically to your hair type. Also, if you need product help, email our product guru CurlySuzy at she is a great resource. Good luck with the book....such a great start!

    Good luck
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    heyy! wecome to curlyy!!! im new to this too. i cant waqit till my hair completely gets rid of this relaxer. im 5 months transitioned and im loving my new growth. im only 15 but i miss my natural hair. im glad i decided to transition sooner before the breakage started and regret it later.