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What exactly is the problem with using products with silicone? It seems like it is hated here. Just curious. I am not familiar with it.


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    14 views and no replies? Aw, maybe it was a silly question....
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    That's probably because this is in the health forum :) I am sure it would have been answered faster if the question was in the general discussion forum where most people are.
    I'm don't know as much about them as some people here but from what I have read in the Curly Girl book and on here the problem is that the build up in your hair. After using a conditioner or product with cones a few times they can start to build up in your hair and make it limp, dull or less curly. They can be removed if you shampoo regularly but a lot of people on here choose to do the CG routine and just condition their hair so they want to avoid cones
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    Oh ok, good to know. Thank you for the response.
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    most CG here do not use shampoo(no poo)so using no cones is better for their hair since cones will weight down their hair and make their curls alittle sticky btw i am into no poo routine yet i do use cones products cuz split ends is my secret name!
    3B and sometimes 3C.
    No poo since 9-9-2008
    coconut oil,shea butter,olive oil,henna and mayo r my best friends!
    finally i am a proud curly head(unfortunately i used to adore straight hair)
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    What exactly is the problem with using products with silicone? It seems like it is hated here.
    Do you follow the curly girl method?

    I can't sleep tonight so I'll explain. So if parts are jumbled, please forgive me.

    Let me preface the answers with some explanation about these forums. First, this is the health forum- where we discuss our medical problems that may/may affect our hair. You want to post in the general discussion section or your hair type section.

    Newbies posting basic questions. This same topic was being discussed in the general discussion. Someone was upset that her question didn't get answered and she felt rejected. That's not the case.

    A lot of these simple questions can be found with a little research. There is a great search feature in the top right corner, read the newbie forum, and review the many blogs associated with curly girls.

    As you learn more about your hair, it helps to know your texture, density, porosity. That way, when you say my hair soft and my curls have no definition, you can get specific answers because we know what you're dealing with. Someone with fine hair may need protein while someone with coarse hair could be overconditioned.

    Curly hair is naturally dry more dry than straight because the oil can't move down the hair.
    Shampoo'ing curly hair dries it out even more.
    Regular shampoos have detergents in them- in fact, the same detergent that's in your dishwashing soap. You would wash your silk blouse in detergent so why wash your hair with detergent?

    The Curly Girl method promotes not using detergent based shampoos. Because of this, we need to use water-soluable so they'll rinse out.

    Silicones aren't evil and work for some- many ladies here are modified CG. It's just that they may not be the best for your hair. They build up in the hair, prevent moisture from penetrating the hair and need detergent to remove.

    Silicone products aren't water-soluable and require shampoo to remove the products... and shampoo dries the hair.

    Some Great Information reading Our very own Tiffany aka Struttswife has written this d/l e-book and it's fantastic. It's a comprehensive manual that all hair stylist should memorize. The e-book is 10$ and you can print it out or leave it on your computer.
    IMO, I'd buy this book before "The Curly Girl" book by Loraine Massey. Live Curly Live Free is amazing! The CG Book is ok. It doesn't teach you about your hair unlike the LCLF. It's the curl bible.

    Laure Lee's Blog

    Go to the Newbie forum and read the posts that are marked at the top of the page.

    Welcome to the Curly Girl world.

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