Any tips on becoming my OWN stylist

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i'm new to this forum! so hopefully this actually posts :mrgreen:

i used to have long, puffy, very dry hair that i barely knew how to take care of so i would listen to anything anyone told me (that included not using conditioner, not using products, using a very drying mousse, using gels, flat ironing) and so my hair was damaged. i think that my hairdresser cut off a little more than just the damage, because my hair was about mid-boob length last year, and is now just barely on my shoulders. i feel like i'm just "done" with hairdressers and ready to take matters into my own hands properly this time.

so any help? i'll try and provide you with as much information as i can.

hair type: 3b
dry/oily/normal: very dry and extremely dense
length: shoulder length
i'm mixed race

what tools do i need? any recommended products? right now i'm using joico shampoo and conditioner and a leave-in conditioner from redken which is working fine, but i'd like a deep conditioner too.

thanks! i appreciate your help :wave:
3B, dense, and dry
I'm trying to grow my hair to bra strap length!

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