Hair Type? (i Think I'm 2 Diffrent Ones)

Ac95213Ac95213 Posts: 3Registered Users
Okay i need some help because i'm not sure about my hair type.
(3b or 3c)..The picture of me and my friend shows my hair when i do braid outs with nothing but water and pomade.
As you all can see my hair is thick so it tends to really frizz up and get dry. Not only do I need to know my hair type but i need to know what products would help me with frizz, moisturize and give curl definition.And won't cause SHRINKAGE!. (I've been considering [buylink=]Mixed Chicks Leave-In[/buylink])
Help guys..:confused5:mejanelleanddiamond-1.jpg
GEDC0028-1.jpgjust what the hair looks like after cowash, put up in a ponytail using a scarf.:love5:
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  • Libra08Libra08 Posts: 242Registered Users
    You look like a 4a/4b to me! I love the thickness of your hair!
  • Libra08Libra08 Posts: 242Registered Users
    Oh, and I wouldn't recommend Miss Jessies stuff. A lot of people are not pleased now with their products because they changed the ingredients and added crappy ingredients such as mineral oil to the products. There are a lot of product recommendations on the 4a board.
  • KsLiZCuRlZKsLiZCuRlZ Posts: 272Registered Users
    Well i could give u suggestions after i figure out your hair type. It kinda looks like mine when its dry and i rarely do tht...mmhm i think its in the 3's soo ur about right and i'm pretty sure its not a four. Post a pic of ur hair wet plzz
    CG..yep that's me!

  • multiracialcurls89multiracialcurls89 Posts: 204Registered Users
    I would say 4a/4b your hair is very thick and gorgeous i also love the color very dark and pretty :)
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  • makemesmile29makemesmile29 Posts: 42Registered Users
    for sure a 4a/4b but im not sure on hair products ive been trying to find some that work for myself!

    keep looking and hope you find what you want!
    CLAIRE <3
  • Ac95213Ac95213 Posts: 3Registered Users
  • Libra08Libra08 Posts: 242Registered Users
    Your photobucket isn't working.
  • sweet-valentinesweet-valentine Posts: 64Registered Users
    look mix to me with the 3s and 4a. bu
    t think you should try the coditioner only method here the link

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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    You're beautiful!

    Looks like 4a + 4b mix to me...but I'm no expert.

    I've read that a mixture is not uncommon.

    Good luck pretty woman!
  • KsLiZCuRlZKsLiZCuRlZ Posts: 272Registered Users
    Photo bucket isnt working, but i'm pretty sure your a 3b/3c cuz thts how my hair looks when dry and not alot of product
    CG..yep that's me!

  • LuyshuZLuyshuZ Posts: 3Registered Users
    You said your hair in the pic is a braidout. Do you have any pics where your hair is freshly washed or air dried?

    ETA: I see that the second pic is a co wash.

    I would say 4a
  • Ac95213Ac95213 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Mixed Chicks?
    Ac95213 wrote: »
    Okay got some professional help and my hair type is 3c.Now it's what to put in it for defined curls,no shrinkage, and nothing else bad for my hair
    GEDC0028-1.jpgjust what the hair looks like after cowash, put up in a ponytail using a scarf.:love5:
  • Libra08Libra08 Posts: 242Registered Users
    I think you should post your pics, and information about your hair in the 3c section so you can get more information about hair products from 3c curlies. That's what I did, and I got A LOT more responses. You're not going to get too many responses in the teen section, especially about products for your hair type.

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