LaBella Lots of Curls gel protein.

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Anyone using this that is protein sensitive but reacts fine to the protein in it?
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    I am extremely protein sensitive. My hair gets brittle and has a strawlike feeling for at least a couple days when i use products with heavy protein. I was not aware this product had protein in it the way my hair reacted to it. I bought it yesterday after and i love it.

    It was really cheap, yet it doesnt work like a cheap product. Its the first product that has eliminated my frizz and given me "that flow." Most products just define my texture but dries compacted because my hair is short. With LaBella, my hair moves when i move. It also stretches my hair and i dont have as much strinkage. Usually my hair tells me the first time i use it if it doesnt like a product and she loves it. lol. It is a little crunchy if you put it on dry hair. This morning i washed my cowashed my hair and left a little conditioner in before adding the gel and it was fine.
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    Yep, I'm sensitive to protein, but my hair reacts wonderfully to this gel. I only use it a couple times a week. It doesn't dry me out and my hair is extremely soft. I really have to fight keep my hands ouf of my hair. I combine this with another nickel-sized amount of HESMU gel to 4 sections of my hair over about 4 tsps of Jojoba oil with plenty of leave-in and condish under that.
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    I don't think the lots of curls or clear version has protein. The sporty/blue is chock full of protein though.