the KMS hair model...

her short hair is cute and SASSY. I wish i was in the mood to go short again, however, my hair would never look as cute as hers :oops: anyone else drooling over her hair???


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    /home/leaving?" class="Popup (I cut my own hair)
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    I LOVE that hair!!! I copied and pasted it into a Word document in case I ever get the guts to try it. Though my curl is different. I'll try to paste it here, but I'm guessing it won't work....

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    I don't have the link. It's just one of the hair ad's on the side of the screen.
    See I think I have had that cut before but i was trying to do the straight look then. I still don't think mine would be nearly as cute and polished if I was wearing curly hair. :sad7: