Help - CG not working for me!

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Hi everyone,
I desperately need some help from you guys!
I was on CG since March last year. I was using Giovanni 50:50 for CO wash and as a conditioner. It was all going well until this summer. SOmething went wrong, I can't figure out what. My hair has become totally dry and lifeless. I wet it everyday and use conditioner on it. It seems okay just after it has dried but at the end of the day, it's just totally frizzy and feels like straw. And my second day hair used to be just fine till last December. Now I wake up and find my so dry and frizzy that I can't wait to get into the shower.

I color my hair regularly to hide grays. I tried changing the conditioner to Suave Lavender thinking it's probably the protein in 50:50. But that did not work either.

CG has really brought out my curls and I want to stick to it. But now I am using L'oreal Vive Color care products thinking maybe they will help my hair.
Has this happened to any of you before?


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    Sometimes an ACV rinse will infuse new life into my hair. I use it mixed with warm water 3 to 1. I first dip the length into the measuring cup and then pour it over my head. Then I scrub my scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and condition.
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    might be protein overload, as the giovanni has quite a bit. not sure about the suave lavender.

    sounds like protein build up to me.

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    modified cg


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    My hair did that also. I finally bought the CG book. In it I found Lemonaid. Which is the juice of a lemon mixed with the amount of condish you usually use. Leave it in for a few min. Then rinse well. I do it once a week now, I works great.
    Willow Moon
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    Tresemme Radiant Volume for Co-Wash
    Suave Mango Mandarin for Co-Wash
    Rosehip Seed Oil 5 drops after Co-Wash
    White Rain Hair Spray when hair is damp/dry
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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all your replies and wonderful advise. For one whole week, I used L'oreal Vive Shampoo and Conditioner thinking this CG thing is just not for me. And guess what, after the week was over, my hair was limp, with no shine and there was so much build up and no curls at all! :( I was so disappointed. Then I did the ACV rinse like Maudie recommended, and started using Suave conditioner and my hair is back to it's curly self. No issues and no build up. Never again am I going non-CG!
    Thank you guys!

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