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I had an extra avocado left after making guacamole dip, so I decided to try using it as a DT. I've heard so many people talk about doing it, just never tried it.

So I mashed up the avocado (over-ripe, by the way) and mixed in a little honey and olive oil - about a tablespoon each. I did a CO to remove products from my hair so that it would be able to really soak in, combed my hair, squished it in and bunned my hair. I left it in for about a half hour and did another CO to wash it out.

My hair is amazingly soft without the greasiness I usually get from oil DT's. I always have to shampoo after an EVOO DT. I did have some initial greasiness until the second time I washed it, but nothing gross looking. I think I may leave out the oil next time and see if I can still get good results without any greasiness.


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    I wonder if this would work with some avocado butter or oil? I am dying to try both.
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    My hair loves avocados too. I'll do another avocado dt this weekend. Apart from the olive oil and honey, I like to mix in some coconut milk and a mashed banana as well.

    I have some avocado oil and butter, haven't tried them yet.
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