dryer / diffuser?

UK curly here. Needing a new hairdryer, would like to get one with diffuser. Any advice on what would be the best combo to work for a cg, who needs a shorter drying time, without the frizzes:crybaby:Doing my research on here, it looks like fingers with deep ceramic bowl, can anyone advise on which UK product would be best? Thanks
Still experimenting!
Hair 2c+3a?
Mainly coarse and porous.
Curl Junkie/Jessica Curls Cleanser/Aussie Shampoo
CO-Alternating Garnier Fructus Shine and Repair, Aubreys Honeysuckle Rose and Tresemme Oganic conditioner
LI-Garnier Shine and Repair
Style-Experimenting Boots Curl Creme, Umberto Giannini Shapely Mousse