Can someone recommend a protein treatment available in Canada?

I think maybe my hair needs protein...

I've done a search of the boards for recommendations on protein treatments to buy (I'm not really crazy about slopping egg and mayo on my head), but I have no idea where to find these things in Canada (Toronto). I also went in to a health food store on my lunch the other day and was totally overwhelmed with options.


Type: 2b/3a, fine, thick, med. porosity
Hate: My frizzy, curl-less canopy
Love: My natural hair colour

Still fine-tuning my routine.
Cleansers: GTTT Shampoo, ACV rinse, Deva Low Poo
Co-wash: Down Under Naturals Conditioner, GTTT Conditioner
Styling: KCKT & KCCC
Want to Try: KCCC & BHRG Combo,
Looking For: Good protein treatment & DT