Any 3c/4a's ever used Herbatint?

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I've been hearing good things about it and after seeing another CGs fotki of her hair, I am SURE that I want to try it.

My hair is very dark (like black, I think) and although I want to use henna, I really want a reddish-brown color immediately (versus the amount of hennas it would take to get my hair even a tint of red).

One more question, if you have used Herbatint (and have dark hair) do you agree that it works best to go about 3 shades lighter than what you really want? Since I want a reddish color, I read that I should do 8N (which is a light blonde but will lift my dark hair sufficiently).

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    Yes. Those are both my hair patterns and I used it. I went with Light Copper Chestnut and it turned out a reddish brown color. You can see it mostly when I go out in the sunlight. I'm actually going to order Copper Blonde to go lighter for the Summer. It didn't damage my hair at all. I didn't react to it and I have very sensitive skin (break out in huge hives when it reacts). My hair remained the same all over as far as pattern and it didn't loosen any curls. It didn't get dry either. I just use Shea Moisture or African Pride Olive Miracle Oil to moisturize with water. Hope that helps. :)

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