too much too soon?

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recently i started using L'oreal Couleur experte in creme de cassis, but i needed to do my roots i couldn't find it anywhere! i had to have it done this past weekend as my best friend is getting married next weekend so i used the chocolate mousse one.
while it's ok, i don't love it like the creme de cassis one would it be too soon if i dyed it again in about a week or two?
I'll be coming to the states in August to see my man and i want my hair to be a nice color :oops:
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    What's the difference between the two colors? And are you planning on coloring and highlighting again? That would be pretty rough on your hair if you were to do it in a week or two.
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  • curlycaramelcurlycaramel Posts: 472Registered Users
    thanks for replying, i think i was just over reacting after looking at my hair in different lights and different mirrors i realize it's not as bad as i thought just a bit darker than i would like.
    I posted on another forum and was told that color doesn't lift color so apart from wasting my money and damaging my hair i wouldn't be gaining anything.
    but yes, my plan was to color and highlight again in a couple weeks, i didn't use the highlights this time just the base colour so i may just run some more highlights through it and be done with it.
    Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c

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