Would a stylist be offended if you ask where they learned to cut curly hair?

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I really didn't think a stylist would, since I've read on here that that is a question you should ask when considering a new hair stylist since apparently it's not taught in regular hair styling school. But my mom was talking to someone who cuts hair, and thinks I should try going to this person because this person claims she knows how to cut curly hair. I asked her to ask this person where she learned to cut curly hair and then I would really think about it (because I've heard that if you call and ask a salon if they have someone who can cut curly hair, they will almost always say yes whether it's really true or not, and I thought it might not be that different for an individual). My mom FLIPPED out (just to be clear, her and I usually get along quite well). She said she refused to insult this stylist in that way. Now, my mom does not have curly hair so she doesn't have the same concerns that I do, but I was kind of surprised, because I was under the impression that if a stylist truly knows how to cut curly hair, he or she would have no problems answering this question (hopefully understanding the battle we curlies go through to find a good stylist). And, if they had issues answering this question (or said in beauty school), I would know to be highly skeptical anyway.

Is that an offensive question to ask? Everything I've seen on here suggests otherwise, but I was surprised by how strongly my mother reacted. She clearly felt I was being ridiculously unreasonable. Is this probably just a result of the differences in our hair types and knowledge, or would your average stylist be offended by this question?
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    I don't feel it's an offensive question to ask - at all.

    Are you able to pay for your own haircuts? If so,you might think about talking to a stylist that makes you comfortable and making your own appointment. I stopped having my haircut by the same stylist as my mom when I was in high school and had my own money (earned or allowance saved) to pay.
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    I would not think that would be an offensive question. I think a true curly cutter would totally understand. I think straight-haired people just don't get it for the most part. Go forth on your own, do your own inquiries. If you are inclined to try this person, get the number, and call & inquire yourself. It's your hair.
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    As a Professional Hairstylist for approx. 15 years, now a former stylist I can say I wouldn't have been offended. Everystylist has their niche in which they are good or excel at. If they do get offended don't let them go near your hair!

    I'd suggest a consultation first, sort of a meet and greet to feel out the stylist if at all possible to talk with them a bit. I can say that Stylists are not trained to work with curly hair in particular. I know I wasn't, but I did learn in the salon and was very good at picking the brains of stylists that were more knowledgagle in everything. You can always learn something new and from a seasoned stylist is even better, a gold mine. So, I soaked it up.

    One thing I would ask the stylist if they have a lot of naturally curly clients/work with naturally curly hair very often? If so, do they cut the hair dry? IMO naturally curly hair should always be cut dry, otherwise it may be cut way too short and you aren't respecting what the curl does as it normally falls in place. Its important to see that and to always work with the curl and growth patterns Never against. Any stylist that doesn't want to treat curly hair any differently is not one I'd let touch my own hair. There is a lot to know and take care with. I have cut African American hair before, and I've always cut it dry.

    Final work of advice, any stylist that is offended by your asking questions or addressing concerns you may have do not let them cut, color or do anything to your hair. I always figured its the clients hair and I want to learn what their thoughts are and concerns and goals and see if that's where I can get them. Its also important to be realistic no matter if your hair is straight, or naturally curly. If you have very thin short hair, there is no way I can make it look long thick mane, short of a wig or extensions. But I think most people realize this. Its just easy to get carried away looking at celebs hair and finding one who has hair you'd love to have as yours. But hey! Who among us hasn't wished for that.LOL!!

    Good luck and best wishes.:hello2:


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    I don't feel it's an offensive question to ask - at all.

    Are you able to pay for your own haircuts? If so,you might think about talking to a stylist that makes you comfortable and making your own appointment. I stopped having my haircut by the same stylist as my mom when I was in high school and had my own money (earned or allowance saved) to pay.

    I totally agree! Do you have any curly haired friends with stylists they'd recommend (and whose hair you like!)? Your mom or anyone who doesn't have curly hair just don't get it, do they?

    Regardless, I don't see why it should offend her that you'd ask someone whose services you'd be paying for about their qualifications :dontknow:
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