New Style Pleazee!!

VeE_BuGVeE_BuG Registered Users Posts: 18
Recently about 2 months ago i bc'd. My hair is short and it's getting old wearing it the same everyday. I always wash it and throw in a headband. Any1 have any ideas on ways to style short bc'd hair(twist, accessories, etc.)? I really need sum help! School will soon be starting and i'll be a freshman so i just wanna look good and make a good first impression.


  • lak5531lak5531 Registered Users Posts: 3
    everyone at school loved the hairstyle in my pic. i just big chopped too.
    braids or flat twist in front and a twist out or regular curls in the back
  • VeE_BuGVeE_BuG Registered Users Posts: 18
    thanks thats a good idea even tho im not sure if i have enough hair for that but its worth the try

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