Salutations, fellow curlies!!

beeniegalbeeniegal Posts: 39Registered Users
I'm glad to have found such an extensive curly community. You can call me beeniegal 8) a 3c-4a, naturally curly, African-American southern gal. I'm always on the lookout for deep conditioners, moisturizers, and styling aids that help to define my spiral-y curl pattern. Being that I'm a broke grad student, the less expensive, the better, of course ;) In short, I hope to learn a lot here. Hope to chat w/ you soon!
Some good hair days

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  • CreBabeCreBabe Posts: 7Registered Users
    Welcome to the boards, beeniegal!
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  • jeamariajeamaria Posts: 1,851Registered Users
    Hi Beeniegal,

    There is a TON of info for your hair type on here; the 4a boards is by far the largest. Good luck with your curls! :)

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