XP - Reviving Curls

dxwashdxwash Posts: 245Registered Users
I have finally found a product combo that gives me 3 - 4 days without having to "redo" my wash and go. at night I clip my hair down with duck bill clips and sleep with a bonnet. As the week progress although my hair is soft, mositurized, and shiny some of the curls especially in the front get flattened. How do you revive your flattened curls? I have been using some [buylink=]aloe fix[/buylink] and qhemet burdock root cream for moisture and the halo frizz but it doesn't help to much with my flat curls. any suggestions?


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    usually spritzing my hair with something wet does the trick. i know that sounds vague but it could be a spray leave in, water, hair doesnt really care. moisture brings it back to life!

    have you tried ditching the clips? maybe thats whats flattening your curls in the front or maybe you could leave those pieces out and not clip them down?