Dry Knotted Hair

SarabearSarabear Posts: 13Registered Users
I have been poo-less for almost a year. The last week or so my next day hair is very dry and frizzy as well as knotted at the ends so when I put it up in a bun it is huge and lots of frizz sticks out. Any advice or product recommendations? My hair is ok the first day with good curl and texture.


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    What products are you using? Do you know your texture/porosity?
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  • SarabearSarabear Posts: 13Registered Users
    I am probably a 3a. I have been using a few different Suave conditioners for my co-wash and I use a product called bioinfusion that I found at Walgreens (I am on my third bottle of this) for my length. This particular bioinfusion only has the good stuff in it no cones or xanes or anything. I am just thinking maybe my hair is getting tired of it, don't know. I am thinking about trying a Karens body beautiful conditioner, does anyone have any recs for my hair type? 3a thinner when curly but so thick when frizzy (does that make sense?). Anyway thanks for the help!

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