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I was recently burned on the combined order for the eurocurlies and I've got some Biosilk stuff to sell. One girl from sweden didn't come through. (I will post name to the other thread). She was new, and good thing I didn't send the stuff right out. I was waiting for payment (gut instinct?). Haven't heard from her since, after numerous attempts. I have (US dollar prices)-- ALL NEW/never used:

biosilk silk therapy treatment filler spray - 1 liter for $15.40

biosilk glazing gel - 1 liter for $13.30

Yes, she ordered $59.50 (plus shipping!) worth of product and then never paid or even contacted me. Let me know if you're interested in anything. Shipping not included in prices, but negotiable.

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    Sorry, to hear that. I think this is really a shame, I am so glad that I could place a an order with you for the second time now and I really appreciate your help!!!
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    updated list--sold shampoo and conditioner.

    still have the other 2. Anyone want it?

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