hairdresser in London!

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For all of you looking for a good hairdresser in London, I know of this italian guy, named Luca (I don't have his last name) that works at Vidal Sassoon salons.
I'm not sure if he still is there, since last time I had my hair done by him was 2 years ago and at the time he was alternating work between London and Italy.
He did a very good job and advice me not to get my hair quemically treated but to use the phytology products (even though we were at a VS salon, he didn't try to sell me any of their stuff).
You could try calling and asking for him at the 60 South Molton Street, tel. 0171-4918848.
Do keep in mind VS salons can be quite expensive.


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    thanks for that frederika!
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    Frederika I have some Phytologie products I can share with you! (I went to France 2 weeks ago). This brand goes well with your hair?
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    frederikaeskes, thanks a bunch biggrin.gif, i will call and find out if he still works there, what type of hair do you have?

    Pytologie PhytoSpecific, is the brand for curlies - and they are much much cheaper in France!..
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    From what I've been reading I have 3b/4aish hair. Lots of it and long (before shrinkage redface.gif).

    I do use Pytologie PhytoSpecific products. LOVE them, too bad they are so expensive. If they had a reasonable price, I would probably use them dayly and not only in special occasions.
    I buy them in Belgium, I know their cheaper there than in London or The Netherlands, but can't tell about France.

    Let me know if Luca is still working in London!

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    frederikaeskes, i went to Paris back in March and saw the Phytologie Pyto 9 for like 8 pounds i bought 3 tubes of that stuff biggrin.gif

    It's much cheaper over there, that is where the products are from so it makes sense..

    I just got back from Prague, have not had a chance to call the hair dresser will do this week though..

    Oh, yes it sounds like you have my same type hair which is good!

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    girls, i have just booked an appointment for a hair cut!!!
    it's with a salon i've been interested in for a while... taryn mcgregor on the kings road. i will let you know how my stylist is!!
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    Ali Ali Ali what is the full address to that salon?

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    melahny, it's 327 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3
    The phone no is 020 7352 9291
    The girl i am going to be seeing is called michelle.
    I am going on saturday so you will be able to see the result next week!! smile.gif
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    Ali thank you and good luck okay!
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    Ali, how did it go?

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    spanish curls, thanks for asking! it went really well... she has lovely short frizz-free curls herself, and she did it really nicely. she cut it all one length at the back, with shorter bits around the front to break up any one-length monotony. she dried it in twists, didn't come near me with a hairdryer or brush, and it looked really good when it was finished!! this was the first time for about two years that i have walked out of a hairdressers 100% happy with the cut and finish. i would definitely recommend her.

    i went out to a couple of parties last night, and EVERYONE i spoke to complimented my hair. i had complete strangers coming up to me and telling me how fab they thought it was. THAT is what i call a result!! biggrin.gif

    what really surprised me was that she only put 2 products on it (!) - aveda confixor while it was wet, and then a spot of anti-humectant pomade when dry. it looked great with that combo, but felt a little crunchy, and not as soft as usual, so i don't think i'll be giving up my bouncy creme just yet wink.gif
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    That is great!..just have a few questions then, what is your hair type? and how much was the hairdresser? was she reasonable?

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    hi spanish! smile.gif
    i am a 3b - same as you i think.
    my cut cost £46.50 - toni & guy are £43 so not much different. it's a lot, but i'd rather pay that and get a good cut rhan pay £30 for a bad one...
    let me know if you go - i work very near the salon so perhaps we could meet up! smile.gif
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