Diffuser Hairdryers in the UK

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I live in the UK, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good diffuser hairdryer for curly hair. I normally let it dry naturally but this takes all day and I end up with lots of frizz. I found a Remington diffuser hairdryer for £18, anyone know if it's any good? I think it was called Big Shot. Recommedations please! Bear in mind, I am a poverty stricken student! Thanks for you help, adore the site!
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    why not try applying some good products to your hair while still wet.

    you could try the jessicurl (www.mariposa-import.com)
    or the jojoba jelly (which works better for me, since my hair is dry) www.sisaynatural.com.
    wehn I apply the jelly my hair the curls that I have while my hair is wet stay the same with dried hair. i do not use any heat on my hair
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    I bought my diffuser/dryer online from Comet. It was £15 at the time - the cheapest I could find - and delivery was free. It's a Babyliss one.
    I noticed Superdrug was selling a dryer set that came with a diffuser etc for something like £10 .. don't know if they still are.
    PS: you'll probably get more replies if you post on the "general discussion for curly hair" board and state that you're from the UK
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