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Hi everyone, I am currently in my 8th month of transitioning and everything is going great. I am transitioning with braids so it is relatively easy right now and when I take my braids out I always have a lot of new growth and i am jus loving my curls. However I am starting to wonder when I will bc but length is an issue for me. id like to have at least shoulder length curly hair when i bc. Right now id like an idea on how long it will take to grow it that long. Id greatly apreciate it if anyone could post pics of their bc and state how long they transistioned and pics of their current hair stating how long its been since theyve big chopped. Id just like to get an idea of how much growth I might have when I get ready to chop. Thanks in advance


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    Honestly, I think that people can post their experiences. However, every individual is different. What occurs for some people may not be what you experience. For instance, I never BC'd. I didn't even know what "transitioning" meant or that was what I did until I found this forum almost 10 years later!!

    I think a lot of it will depend on how your hair reacts to having two curl patterns. I personally didn't have any downfalls at all. No breakage, no shedding, nothing. I did wash-n-go's and I blow-fried it and used the curling iron. Which was what I always did. I didn't change any of my habits at all. But, that doesn't happen for everyone. When I hear some people's experiences I am truly thankful I had an easy transition.

    Keep up the good work though. I know there is someone on the board that I believe is waiting until year three to do her BC. Hopefully, she will respond. I'm horrible with usernames!! I think she may be on year two. Not for sure though.
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    thanks for the reply and your hair is beautiful... how long would u say it took you to grow your hair that long?
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    Here is a comparison picture I did a few weeks ago. The picture on the right is about 3 weeks after my Big Chop almost 2 years ago. The picture on the left was taken a few weeks ago.

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    Here are a couple of my comparison pictures: /home/leaving?" class="Popup.

    I transitioned about 4 months.
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    Wow Mariag! Your hair has grown so much! :)
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    thanks u guys soo much for the comparison pics.... and maria wow your hair has come far... u definately are an inspiration for me